Mileage: Retuned – – January 2011 - Mileage: Retuned – Mileage: Retuned

I had the pleasure of working with GOAT a few months ago on the remix of his album Mileage, which he recorded with dj three6t. The remixed album is called Mileage: Retuned and can be downloaded on Bandcamp for free.

I worked on the song Damn Near On Empty. The original song had a real acoustic feel to it with live drums, acoustic guitar, and Wurlitzer sounding keys. I caught the vibe quick and knew I could rework it with a raw sample and cuts for the hook. I chopped up a Bohannon sample with the quickness on the MPC and headed right to Serato for some cuts. The lyrics are really the driving force of the song, so the minimalist vibe worked well, in my opinion.

Unfortunately, when I bounced my parts of the remix and sent them to GOAT, the automated mute on my scratches decided they wanted to be heard. So, the final song, which is on Bandcamp, has a scratch chorus with overlapping tracks…not my intention. Learn from my mistake – double check your bounces. Hahaha…

Thanks to GOAT for asking me to be a part of this project. He’s a great songwriter, and I think we really turned this one out.

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