“Mileage: Retuned” Now Available For Free Download

GOAT - Mileage: Retuned

Mileage: Retuned is now available for free download HERE. It includes the intro we used to open the Mileage CD Release Party, remixes of songs off Mileage from various producers, & acoustic versions. This is the 1st round and there will be another round of remixes coming soon. For now, here’s the track listing…

01 Tuning In (three6t Intro)
02 Ain’t Felt Nothin’ (Eduardo Gaytan Remix)
03 Lost (Acoustic Version)
04 Cleansed In Dirt (Justin “Double J” Jones Remix)
05 These People feat. JackRabbit James, Poindexter, Kilo Art-of-Fact (Hologram Dagger Remix)
06 Slow Down (Dean Dillinger Remix)
07 Damn Near On Empty (Sean P Remix)

2 Responses to ““Mileage: Retuned” Now Available For Free Download”

  1. Deb Driscoll Says:

    Love it. Thanks for sharing your heart, brother.

  2. GOAT Says:

    Right on, glad you likes. Thank YOU for listening :)

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