Today Marks The Beginning Of My senseLESS Cleanse

Today, April 4th, 2011, marks Day 1 of my cleanse. My upcoming project, senseLESS, is based on the abuse of our 5 senses. So in preparation of it, I’ll deprive my senses and cleanse myself of extraneous things.

For a minimum of 40 days…
-I will not drink any alcohol.
-I don’t smoke, but I will attempt to avoid being around it.
-I will try my best not to take pills (Aleve, Claritin, etc.), unless it’s completely necessary.
-I will not eat any fried food.
-I will limit myself to eating red meat once a week.
-I will not add any unnatural spices to foods.
-I will not drink any soda.
-I will not embrace anyone (hugging), except my blood family and the kids in my life.
-I will not kiss anyone.
-There will be no intimacy or physical stimulation in my life.
-I will immediately look away as soon as I catch myself looking at and/or visually admiring women.
-I will not talk on the phone, unless it’s with my blood family or job-related.
-I will not listen to music (CDs or the radio), unless it’s job-related.
-I will not watch any movies or television.
-I will begin working on my new project senseLESS.
-I will do a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity at least 4 days a week.
-I will limit my time on the computer, mainly constraining it to documenting this process and promotion.
-I will try my best to get 8 hours of sleep daily.
-I will drink at least 64 ounces of water daily.
-I will begin reading into spirituality and start my search.
-I will mark the end of this process with something that will mark a new beginning.

We’re constantly on sensory overload and things bombard our senses every minute – marketing, advertising, entertainment – all targeting your cravings. I wanna cleanse myself of some of that. If you know anything about me, you know what a challenge this will be. I lead an extremely hectic and social life that is, most of the time, based around a party. A few weeks ago on a Tuesday (and there was nothing special about this Tuesday – no show or anything), I counted 6 people that came by from the time I got home from my day job to the time I went to bed. I need a break, a social absence, so to speak. I’ve felt clouded for a long time. I’ve felt numb. I’ve continued to put off my health to work and fulfill obligations. This is about my physical, mental, & emotional health, it’s about my new project, it’s about gaining clarity, it’s about understanding relationships I have with others, it’s about clearing a communication channel, it’s about stripping away crutches and things I enjoy, so I can enjoy them more thoroughly and appreciate them later in moderation. I will have to avoid certain situations. People that don’t understand may be offended, but it’s something my mind and body needs.

I gotta get back to the roots of what I feel like life should be about. Less clutter, more substance minus substances.

At the end of 40 days, I may feel like I’m finished or I may want to keep going. There may be other things that I commit to doing or not doing, as well. We’ll see what happens.

Photo by: Shawn Jantzen 2011
Photo by: Shawn Jantzen 2011

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7 Responses to “Today Marks The Beginning Of My senseLESS Cleanse”

  1. Beth williams Says:

    That’s awesome Justin!!!!! That takes slot of strength!!! I look up to you for doing that!!

  2. GOAT Says:

    Thanks Beth, I appreciate that :)

  3. Becky Taylor Says:

    Justin! I totally get it. Your cleanse will bd amazing to you. Over the last few years I had a divorce. Had my dad diagnoses with cancer and passed that same month. Then 2 grandfathers pass. Anyway life is eye opening and sometimes gets muddy. Everyone wondered how did I do it with a job on top. Well, in november my body crashed. Anyway…. I need to stay what is true to me. Got layer off a month and a half ago. Finding a new job is hard though. Going from marketing director to a new job that is not bad for my body is the trick to. No stress please. Anyway…. I just meant to comment. I talk a bit about mine on my blog. Littlemissgothicmuffet on blogger. I try to stay sill so alot of times people don’t see my pain.

    Stay true to you…. And live….. Be happy. Stay focused and real. Relationships? Ha! So done with those. Just wanting real people surround me. That’s why I love the art love mGic peps and jul! Keeping it real.


  4. GOAT Says:

    You’re right…things do get muddy. Gotta clean it up sometimes! You sound like you’ve definitely had your fair share of hardships, but it also sounds like you have a lot figured out. At the end of this, I hope to have a bit more clarity and hopefully get a few habits to stick. Stay up and thanks for the encouragement! Let reality and truth surface :)

  5. Deep Ellum Says:

    Great job man. You are making us proud.

  6. GOAT Says:

    Thanks bro! I sincerely appreciate that!

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