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September 20th, 2014

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We’ll be tearin’ it down this Friday at The Grotto in Ft. Worth. Come enjoy indie hip hop at its finest! We’re scheduled to go on at 11:40 pm, hope to see you there.

517 University Drive
Ft. Worth, TX 76107

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Independence Day Sale 2014

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We have a video shoot today with Director Teddy Cool for our song “Hands Around My Throat” off our upcoming release the senseless ep. We’re transforming my loft into a set location and I’ll be documenting the entire process. If you’d like to follow…

Instagram for sneak peaks —> @musicbyGOAT

Twitter for a play-by-play throughout the day —> @musicbyGOAT
Search for #HandsAroundMyThroatVideo

If you’re unfamiliar with Teddy’s work, I could keep you busy all day. I won’t, but here’s a few for you to check out (including our past projects together)…

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GOAT (Grades Of Absolute Truth) Opened My Mind…

GOAT: Soulful indie.

People ask me once in a while how I continue to be passionate in blogging about music. The answer is simple. I don’t subscribe to musical elitism. I don’t think there is such a thing as inferior or superior music. It is the same with people. Everyone has something to say and something to write about. Perhaps it is age. The older I get the more open minded I become. Perhaps it is that disappointment with established beliefs and also false relationships that I put myself in the past and ended up scathed and traumatised. The more someone tells me what is ‘cool’ and what is not, the more I become suspicious. Everything is a matter of opinion.

These days I am spending more time in twitter. That’s how I found GOAT (Grades of Absolute Truth). I think it’s the moniker. The name conjures baying animals and the lush countryside. It also brings to mind the term ‘stubborn.’ Goats are stubborn don’t you think? But I Love goats as a kid. I remember I would spend time in the field just watching them eating grass and marvel at the fact that they don’t mind not taking a bath.

So that’s how I started listening to this dou. They describe their music as soulful indie. They are from Dallas Texas. But that’s all. They are not really keen in disclosing member information. I think as with all rap music the emphasis is on lyrical expression. Yes you gatta listen to the words to appreciate rap music. Words and beats. Not so much on melody. But yes they are still present. But GOAT offers something to chew upon if you are a philosophical or existential student.

I recommend this to those who love rap music. No, I am not talking about Eminem. More like The Streets from UK. The beats are kind of laid back. Not too much noise there so it is perfect for those who are just winding down. Maybe this is not really your cup of tea in terms of style but it is really good to keep an open mind. After all variety is the spice of life.

More of them here: GradesOfAbsoluteTruth.com

and here: musicbygoat.bandcamp.com

Link To Page

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